A Review and Game-play Diary of Cities: Skylines (2015) – Part 1 of 2

Cities: Skylines is made by Colossal Order, makers of Cities in Motion 1 + 2. I’ve never played either of those but I have played other ‘city builders’ such as SimCity 4 and the Cities XXL series – which is just the same game Crtl+C’d and Crtl+V’d. Paradox Interactive are the publishers of Cities: Skylines and a lot of other great games such as Mount and Blade series and Pillars of Eternity.

I started Skylines and immediately fell in love with the simple user interface and cute graphics. There was no tutorial, just the main game mode of actually building a city. Tool-tips popped up occasionally advising me on what I should build. Information was also provided to me by hovering over elements of my city or the UI. The different services such as fire, health, police, education etc. unlock at different population levels so as to not overburden the new player.

My first city had many ill citizens and traffic problems. Maybe I shouldn’t have created a 7-way junction in the heart of my industry sector or put said industry sector near a park full of suburban kids. In the end I was making money but sewage had piled up. The ‘end’ is whenever I feel like it is the end- or you run out of space to actually build things but that’s not happened to me yet.

So I decided to build a second city from scratch, called Lakedale. Things went much better this time around. My city had a park district, a rich area, many bridges across a river and a timber factory area I named after a famous clothing brand. Traffic issues arose aplenty, some I eventually fixed others I ignored. Eventually this city fell victim to far to rapid expansion although its final size was vastly larger than the first. I should go back to these two cities with my current knowledge of the game and see if I can rectify my mistakes.

A Review and Game-play Diary of Cities: Skylines (2015) – Part 1 of 2

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