Going Public

THANK YOU! For simply arriving here I am truly grateful. Use the ‘hamburger’ icon on the right to navigate or just scroll down to see my posts starting from the latest.

Seriously though thank you for being here. Now felt like the right time to go public, what with the start of the steam summer’15 sale and E3 right around the corner. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time now and finally getting started is a great feeling. Shia LaBeouf did help:

That end pose makes me llol (literally laugh out loud)!

I encourage you all to comment on every post, as I hope to create a community here- helping to connect like-minded gamers, discovering great films we may not have known about and generally chatting about technology today- It’s all part of the plan. You can help by sharing this with people you think may be interested. Once again I thank you for your interest and support and look forward to discussing subjects with you in the comments. Ideas and suggestions are welcome.

Going Public

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