Steam Summer Sale 2015

This post was updated daily. Let me know in the comments what you got and what I missed!

DAY 10: Encore Sale. My final purchases of this summer sale include Hitman Absolution, VVVVVV, Parallax and Tower of Guns. Overall I chose a few quirky games and a few classics I missed. I will report back my findings from these games as and when I play them. A few recommendations from the encore sale with respect to price: Fallout 3, Prison Architect, Far Cry 3, Euro Truck Simulator 2, Insurgency, Mount and Blade Warband and Skyrim.

DAY 9: The Stanley Parable is a philosophical and funny adventure game. Fallout 3 and New Vegas are outstanding post-apocalypse RPG’s. Saints Row The Third was dumb fun but IV looks a little over-the-top. Kerbal Space Program is on my wishlist. I will buy One Finger Death Punch from the flash sale; a deceptively easy looking fighting game in which you simply choose to attack left or attack right but timing is key. From the next flash sale I also purchased LA Noire.

DAY 8: Arkham Asylum and Arkham City are probably the best adventure games I have ever played (Asylum was one of the few games I ever 100%’ed). I shall purchase Telltale’s The Walking Dead Season 2. Battleblock Theatre is an ‘Overwhelmingly Positive’ game that I shall also get. In the flash sale today we have Faster Than Light- a very cool sci-fi rouge-like with great writing, although rather punishing. We also have Spec Ops: The Line. It has one of the best stories in any military shooter game. Check it out!

DAY 7: Banished is a solid city builder made by one person. I do want to try Ground Zeros but from what I’ve heard about the game’s duration it’s more of a demo- Konami should make it free when The Phantom Pain is released. Euro Truck Simulator 2 is fantastic! I know what your thinking when you read that title but trust me it’s very good, I shall eventually write an in-depth review of why. The Elder Scrolls series of course needs no introduction but if you haven’t tried Skyrim yet, definitely give it a go, one of the best fantasy RPG’s ever. ARMA III is a solid game that’s everything good of the predecessors in an actual playable game instead of a clunky mess. I will be purchasing SpeedRunners from the flash sale.

DAY 6: Sleeping Dogs is a open world action game, think Mafia II with Triads instead. The Talos Principle looks good, how often is a game’s major theme philosophy? I will purchase Terraria, a game that has no end, a two-dimensional Minecraft. Doorkickers is very simple but surprisingly deep. It’s a breach-and-clear simulator and the best one I have played.

DAY 5: Lots of good stuff today. Bioshock Infinite was a GOTY contender in 2013. Dead Rising and Project Zomboid are more zombie games and FNAF for further horror. Dishonored 2 has been announced so you could get 1 now for cheap. I purchased Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons from the flash sale. Garry’s Mod is a game I didn’t yet own but now do – it is many other game modes and mods in one nice little package. The flash sale contains Antichamber, a unique logic puzzler with strikingly bright colours. I will purchase Mini Metro, a management puzzle game about trains

DAY 4: Insurgency is a very different kind of shooter to the Call of Duty and Far Cry franchises that are also on sale. The former is a much more strategic, tense game and the latter full of explosions and near infinite ammo. I recommend Insurgency if you want to try a very different kind of shooter and Far Cry 3 for a great sandbox FPS. I stay away from MMO’s generally so Reign of Kings and H1Z1 won’t find their way to my cart but Alien: Isolation may. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter definitely will, the atmosphere of the game seems phenomenal.

DAY 3: See my Cities Skylines review and game-play diary here! I can also recommend Prison Architect to fans of the strategy/ city-builder. As a fan of The Walking Dead Season 1, I will be purchasing some of Telltale’s Games including today’s The Wolf Among Us.

DAY 2: Democracy 3 seems interesting but a convoluted UI is putting me off. The Portal franchise is fantastic, highly recommended first-person puzzle game with funny moments. The psychological horror of This War of Mine seems as if it would wear off after a few attempts. The flash sales contain Nidhogg, a simple fencing tug-of-war game that’s entertaining with friends. Creeper World 3 has 97% recommendation rate and very cheap. I guess that’s my first purchase of the sale! (I tend to wait till near the end before picking up games that are a little more expensive)
DAY 1: Grand Theft Auto V is way too expensive for a game released 2 years ago. Hotline Miami 2 I’ll save for the Vita. Wreckfest had a great engine but I’m not sure if the game still gets regular updates. I will get Tales from the Borderlands after all the episodes are released as I do with all Telltale Games. The Metro games have always intrigued me…

Steam Summer Sale 2015

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