Zombies in Games: An Infected Industry – Part 2 of 2

DayZ, the leader in zombie apocalypse survival simulation, spawned loads of clones such as H1Z1 and 7 Days to Die. DayZ is like a zombie biting and turning someone who goes on to bite a few more and so on until the entire gaming industry has been infected with the T-Virus. Speaking of, resident evil has had a few more entries and remasters as of late. Dead Space is a creepy sci-fi zombie horror game. Telltales’ The Walking Dead Season 1, much like the comcis, focuses on relationships between survivors. The game has a comic art style and simple controls but don’t let that fool you. The writing is very good, making you love and hate certain characters who are dynamic- they react to your decisions. It is a haunting experience, highly recommended.

On the other side of the emotional spectrum Dead Rising allows for comically stupid ways of killing zombies and costumes to wear while doing it. Want to kill the zombies by sitting in a wheelchair with machine guns attached wearing a golden suit? Dead Rising is for you. The Typing of the Dead: Overkill is a spin-off of House of the Dead. To kill zombies you have to quickly type the word on screen. For kids there is Popcap’s addcive Plants vs. Zombies franchise. (Well all Popcap’s games are addictive really. Bejewelled anyone?)

So zombies. There’s a lot of them. In every genre of games. But does it really have to be zombies? What about aliens? Well maybe they’re a little over used as-well. How about overgrown bugs or werewolves or demons or mech’s or yeti’s or Egyptian mythology or anything else. Putting zombies as the antagonist in a game nowadays seems as if you have as much creative talent as a zombie! The horror of being in a zombie apocalypse is lost on most of us because of how often we are exposed to it. If you think about it, it’s a very dark scenario.

There are many good zombie games, as we have seen, and a lot of them could not be the same without them. I’m not saying we do away with them entirely- it’s always satisfying to bonk Zeke on the head every now and then. I’m saying why not do something a little different? Imagine this; A survival game in which you’re on a planet overun with powerful bug aliens. You’d do the same thing as in its zombie equivalent, but it’d be much more interesting purely by swapping the antagonist and setting.

Also I’d love to see a dark military shooter in which you play as the army evacuating civilians, a different point of view on the whole zombie thing.

Durrr…..Grrrruuuuhh…Braaainss…Creative Talent…Ruuuurr…..

Zombies in Games: An Infected Industry – Part 2 of 2

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