E3 2015: Bethesda

DOOM: The single player shown was very entertaining and gory. Limbs and blood drenched the floors and walls. There was a good amount of slapstick humour as well. The graphics seem very shiny and the lighting is good, almost too good. I hope the game doesn’t get a graphical downgrade post E3, like many did last year, but Bethesda are usually more truthful about that. Multilayer seems even crazier bringing back the old-school arena shooter vibe. Doom Snapmap is an in-game tool that allows maps and game modes to be created. Impressive. You also get to go to hell and waste the demons on their home turf. The game seems like a fun if not frantic non-military fps.

Dishonored: A sequel was announced with a CG trailer. There will be two playable characters. I never played the original so I’m not super excited. Luckily enough for people like me there is a definitive edition of the first game being released in August. Cool.

The Elder Scrolls: I love the main games in the series but not enough to grind away in a mediocre MMO. I do like card games though so Legends does intrigue me. Then again I could just play Herthstone, a hit card game that’s also free to play and out already.

Fallout 4: The concept art they show at first looks very good, lots of desolate environments and angry people. Character creation happens in a pre-apocalypse world, which I like. It shows what society lost, how safe you were. The bomb goes off, and eventually you emerge as the sole survivor of Vault 111. The game looks as if its a modern fallout 3, which is exactly what I want, emerging from the vault for the first time and discovering nearby locations. The main character now has a voice which makes the world more realistic, as does more natural conversations. VATS is back, which is what I would always use in combat in 3 because playing it as an FPS felt far too clunky. You have a dog as a sidekick that can interact with the world at your will.

The collectors edition comes with an actual pipboy that you can put your phone into. There is a companion app that will release with the game. Another game for mobile devices is Fallout Shelter, in which you manage a vault and its citizens. It’s available now.

Back to Fallout 4, a base building and crafting system have also been implemented. It looks fantastic, that extra customisability, making your game save yours alone, having a totally unique experience to everyone else. It makes perfect sense with the theme of scavenging and survival. Getting the resources to create your base and defending it from raiders seems like a good way to spend your time when not on quest missions. All the useless items of fallout 3 are now useful- for example a toy car can be taken apart, and the screws used for a scope. This is a great way to make sure most objects in the game aren’t ignored. Your own power armour can also be modified.

Finally the game’s release date was announced: 10th of November 2015. Fallout 4 is one of my most anticipated games now, after seeing the demo. It’ll definitely be one of the best things at E3 this year.

Next up, Xbox!

E3 2015: Bethesda

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