E3 2015: Microsoft

(Hans Zimmer’s Man of Steel soundtrack over the introductory trailer. Nice!)

HALO 5: I’ve never completed a Halo game but I get the gist of it. Halo 5 seems like another great instalment for fans of the franchise.

RECORE: The CG trailer has a cool wall-e vibe to it.

Backward Compatibility: Bomb dropped. This is huge news. We’ll see how well it’s implemented and how many games are available but this means less remasters and a huge boost in the console’s catalogue of games.

Elite Controller: I think the Xbox One Controller is already the best controller to play on, so further customisations simply make the best better.

Fallout 4: A few new ‘scenes’ in-game that don’t really change my opinion on the game- I’m still excited to play it. Fallout 3 with Fallout 4? Well if I had Fallout 4 I probably wouldn’t really play Fallout 3, but that’s just me. It’s not a bad thing at all. Mods on Xbox One, I didn’t see that coming but it is very good news. I cannot think of a single game in which having mods available worsened the experience.

Forza 6: The ford that came down from the ceiling was very nice, the game looked good to. More Forza for the Forza fans, me included (although I prefer Horizon).

Dark Souls 3: I never like dark souls much but Bloodborne was fun. For a while. A short while.

The Division: One of my most anticipated games, Tom Clancy games are usually pretty good. The semi apocalyptic theme is interesting, not full fallout and not totally civilised.

Rainbow Six: Siege: I love the rainbow six games (PrimeSix as an alias was inspired by them) but the alpha for this game, that I was invited to, did not impress me. The trailer makes the game-play look like Call of Duty and Counter Strike merged.

Rise of the Tomb Raider: A graphically impressive looking game that I personally would prefer as a movie. I couldn’t get engrossed into the first game due to the many scripted events. I knew the only way Lara was ever truly at risk of death was when I messed up. I feel the same about the Uncharted games as well. Great set pieces, environments, characters and graphics but I’m bored when I actually play .

HoloLens: This is another huge moment for gaming. AR versus VR. Very similar but definitively different experiences. Which will be better for gaming and which will the consumer be first to adopt? The demonstration doesn’t quite give us a feel of what it would really be like to play with it- but it is hard to sell AR and VR without testing it first-hand.

Gears of War 4: Feels a lot creepier this time around. I have played the first and second, this seems much more tonally like the first, very dark. Why did Gears become a horror TPS instead of a War game? They notably dropped the ‘of War’ part from the title. I guess I’ll have to play Gears of War 3 to find out…

E3 2015: Microsoft

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