E3 2015: Electronic Arts

Mass Effect Andromeda: I’m a fan of ME 1+2, looking forward to this one.

Need for Speed: I’m a huge fan of NFS. I like the night time/neon aesthetic but the game-play will probably feel like the last few that Ghost Games have developed or co-developed. Their style of racer isn’t bad just very arcade-y, still excited to play this one though. I don’t like the extreme camera angles while drifting, you can’t see what’s ahead of you on a corner. The graphics are some of the best right now- some in-game screenshots look photo-realistic. And of-course customisation is back (and a story too).

Mirrors Edge Catalyst: An updated Mirror’s Edge, but entirely free-roam. I played and completed the first one, It was a unique experience, I look forward to Catalyst.

Star Wars Battlefront: “When you fly in an X-wing, it’s the real X-Wing” Take a mental step back and think about the absurdity of that sentence. Anyway Star Wars Battlefront looks like Star Wars Battlefield. I’m not surprised but I’m not disappointed. The Vader reveal was especially dramatic and well done.

E3 2015: Electronic Arts

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