A Review of The Guest (2014)

“My name is David, Mrs. Peterson. I knew your son. I was with him when he died.”

The Guest is an action thriller that seems to be partially inspired by Drive- even the main character is played by a Ryan Gosling knock-off. Fortunately, Dan Stevens is more than just a knock-off, he can act. The film was very different and drastically better than I thought it would be, going into it.

The first act is rather slow, like a drama. A man is welcomed into the home of his deceased best friends’ family. The second act amps up the mystery and the final act is full of action. The film’s genre evolves as you watch it, like, for example, The Cabin in the Woods. The action is violent and brutal- coupled with the soundtrack, it feels psychedelic (like Hotline Miami). The film also has a sprinkling of darkly comical moments. It contains elements of thriller, action, horror and comedy. Most surprisingly is that it works.

If you can get through the opening twenty minutes, the rest of the film does pay off. The Guest is a creepy, dark, but also fun thriller.

Overall Rating: 7.0/10

A Review of The Guest (2014)

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