E3 2015: Analysis and Highlights

The biggest games conference of the year is over, but who won? We, the gamers won!

In no particular order, here are my post-E3 thoughts on some specific games and conferences:

Fallout 4: We got loads of in-game footage and details. We also got a release date and a mini-game for Apple devices. Fallout 4 looks to be exactly what everyone wanted and more. It’s most people’s game of the show and most anticipated game. More developers and publishers should take note: don’t rush your game, reveal it when you’re ready. Having a game be released in less than a year after it’s public reveal should be a standard in the gaming industry. Interest in a game can be lost over a longer period of time, hurting sales. Flooding the industry with beta’s and game-play trailers exhausts the market before the product is even released. I predict Fallout 4 will be the biggest GOTY contender, followed by The Witcher 3.

Battlefront: Battlefield, re-skinned as Star Wars. I’m not disappointed because I didn’t expect anything more. Although a little more would have gone a long way. The whole thing feels like a much smaller scale Star Wars battle than the films or even the previous Battlefront games. It would be fun to play for a while but seems as if it would get repetitive and boring quickly, like many of the other multi-player shooters of the last few years that have seen their player-base drop exponentially.

The Last Guardian: The presence of this fabled game is wonderful to witness. The game had been relegated to the likes of Half-Life 3 in terms of development stage, but now it’s finally confirmed to be in full production with a 2016 release. The game seems slow and relaxing, a welcome change of pace to other triple A games.

Microsoft: They had the best conference. The ability to stream your Xbox One to your PC can be a very helpful feature. HoloLens is a new way to experience gaming, like VR but without the motion sickness (I haven’t tested either first-hand). The ability to play mods on the Xbox One is great news depending upon implementation. If you don’t know what you’re doing it could backfire brutally; you could get a virus, or corrupt a game save, or brick your Xbox etc. There’s lots of fun to be had with mods though, technicalities aside. And finally the backward compatibility announcement, the best thing at E3 that wasn’t a game. This means less remasters and more games to play. In periods where no new games are being released, a potentially huge backlog awaits you. Classics you may have missed, genres you previously didn’t like- there’s loads of reasons why this is good for gamers. Moreover, multi-player and DLC will also be compatible.

Just Cause 3: A game-play trailer that was lengthy and informative, the way they should be done. This title and franchise get overlooked far too often. Just Cause 3 is one of my highlights of E3 because it genuinely got me excited to play the game more so than most of the other stuff on offer.

Need for Speed: Disappointing in many aspects. It does look very pretty and customisation is back at least. However sickening camera angles and the feeling the core game is exactly the same as the last few mar my anticipation for the next title in my former favourite racing franchise. They took an extra year to make this and the best title they could give it was just “Need for Speed” ?

Horizon Zero Dawn: The best looking new IP at E3. The game seems like a general third-person shooter, with hunting thrown in but it’s the world that intrigues me. Mankind being thrown back to the stone age and hunting artificially intelligent dinosaur robots makes for a sci-fi treat.

PC Gamer Show: The fact we received a PC gaming show that wasn’t terrible is a huge plus on its own. PC gaming deserves to be at E3, as gaming on the computer is a huge market that’s quite different to the console market. E3 should include all gamers of all platforms to celebrate the forthcoming titles. The show itself felt more like a chat show with the developers and was too long. Hopefully the PC gaming show is here to stay and next time we get more trailers, announcements, less in-your-face advertising from the sponsors and less chit-chat.

E3 2015: Analysis and Highlights

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