A Game-play Diary of Battlefield 4 (2013)

Purchased the game for PC, Origin code was emailed to me.

Run Origin, it requires an update, sign in, redeem code and download.

Run game, Battlelog plug-ins required, download and install them.

Launch the test range, fiddle with graphical settings, ultra settings 1080p@50ish fps, impressed. Shoot stuff, test equipment, rebind some keys.

Filter servers by ping, join one, customise kit, spawn.

I follow a team mate to the middle of the map. He branches off to push forward, someone spawns on me and goes with him. Still no enemy contact, I enter a building, methodically clearing each floor and each room.

I make it to the roof and see a sniper by the edge. Intending to melee him, I approach but another sniper on an elevated ledge nearby gets me before I can kill him.

Spawn again. Stay close to the edge of the map, exploring it. End up behind enemy lines with no friendlies near by. Breach a building, again clearing each room on each floor. Get to the roof ready for combat.

But there are no hostile’s. No one. I peer off the edge looking for targets to pick off. Some friendlies are visible in the distance and a tank roams around the rear.

I jump off. Slam space-bar to open the parachute. Spiral down and land quickly. Right in front of an enemy with a shotgun. I thought I was done for, but instinctively I fired from the hip,  sidestepped, iron sighted at his head and maintained pressure on the virtual trigger.

He was so confused he barely even reacted before falling to the ground and being sent to the re-spawn screen. My first kill was on par with a 007 kill, in suave levels.

Only in Battlefield.

A Game-play Diary of Battlefield 4 (2013)

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