What to Watch… Part 2

I often am asked “What good films should I watch?”

This series of posts will aim to answer that question, of-course in addition to my film reviews.

The Strangers (2008) – A horror movie that delivers well on both the jump scare’s and the psychological spookiness. Your body will be tense with adrenalin while watching this flick.

21 & Over (2013) – Comedy about college kids partying. Think Hangover but with the student lifestyle instead. Things escalate and become crazier as the night goes on. This film comes from the writers of the Hangover franchise and is one of their better attempts at comedy. Witness Miles Teller pre Whiplash and Fantastic Four fame!

Shooter (2007) – One of Mark Wahlberg’s best films, this action thriller is of top notch quality. A solider goes on the run in a Bourne fashion, this movie is a great watch and co-stars Michael Pena.

What to Watch… Part 2

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