What to Watch… Part 3

I often am asked “What good films should I watch?”

This series of posts will aim to answer that question, of-course in addition to my film reviews.

Project X (2012) – Another ridiculously over the top college party movie. Many scenes will make you cringe, whether it’s an awkward moment or a physically painful moment. Be warned, shaky cam use is considerable.

End of Watch (2012) – A realistic cop movie by David Ayer, starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena. The film is one of Ayer’s best, in terms of both action and writing. Contains some shaky camera work and a lot of bad language.

Source Code (2011) – Also starring Jake Gyllenhaal, this is an unappreciated sci-fi film. A bomb has to be found and defused on a train- the twist is that the main character must keep reliving those moments until he completes his mission. Fans of Inception will find this interesting.

What to Watch… Part 3

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