A Review of To The Moon (2011)

“…billions of lighthouses stuck at the far end of the sky…”

This award winning game was made in a JRPG maker – but wait! It’s not a JRPG, more of a point and click adventure.

The selling point of To the Moon is a great story that can be completed in just 4 hours. Fans of Telltale’s more dramatic works should read on.

The cast is hugely memorable in this semi sci-fi drama. A pair of scientists go back through a dying man’s memories to help him live out his dream of going to the moon (the concept is similar to Inception).

There are funny moments and sad moments within its short duration accumulating into one of the most memorable stories I have played, since Spec-Ops The Line.

To the Moon has a beautiful soundtrack and should definitely be played by anyone interested in a simple game with heart.

Overall Rating: 8.8/10

A Review of To The Moon (2011)

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