Answering the Call of Duty: Top Multiplayer Maps

“50,000 people used to live here… Now it’s a ghost town.”

Here is my ranking of the top multiplayer maps in the largest shooter franchise ever:

(Honourable Mention) Backlot A great larger scale map fit for all play styles, Backlot was one of the maps that helped define COD4 multiplayer. Use a sniper from across the map, breach a building with an SMG or get on the turret in the semi-constructed building; they’re all viable strategies.

(10) Launch – The symmetry about the rocket launch pad is an exciting location to fight on. One of the best in Black Ops

(9) Bloc – The eerie atmosphere of this map made it very tense. A COD4 snipers paradise, two large buildings with multiple stories face each other, with a small park in between.

(8) Summit – This map provided intense gameplay, at Unreal speeds (but on a relatively flat map). This mountain complete with a research base atop can be found in Black Ops.

(7) Rust – Settle your problems mano-a-mano here. Good for up to four players, with lots of hiding spots and verticality. MW2’s Shipment.

(6) Crash – From COD4, larger scale warfare could be had on this map, with loads dangerous positions to watch out for. How did the Chinook land so perfectly between all those tall buildings, anyway?

(5) Underground – Another very fun map to play at Unreal speeds, Underground is large but with plenty of parkour to be had to get out of a tight situation. MW3’s best.

(4) Crossfire – Large scale engagements, much more of a real world map than most others. A ‘Z’ with enterable buildings lining the outsides. Also another sniper’s haven from COD4

(3) Shipment – Small battles and manic free-for-all. Jumping onto the crates gave the map a whole new dimension as did adding house-rules such as knife only or pistol only. A unique map from COD4

(2) Nuketown – One of the most fun maps in all of the franchise, Nuketown can be found in Black Ops. Free-for-all’s were insanely fast, with all sorts of strategies in use; campers, quick scopers, fraggers, SMG’s etc. Be ready from the moment you spawn.

(1) Terminal – Can be found in COD4 and was remade for MW2, this map has closed areas, open areas, loads of debris to distract, verticality, speed, parkour – the works. With a Bourne style location, this airport’s only down side is the glass roof allowing for easy deaths from above. Party at the plane! (The party being explosions and gun fire of course)

What are some of your best and worst maps in the Call of Duty franchise?

Answering the Call of Duty: Top Multiplayer Maps

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