A Review and Game-Play Diary of Door Kickers

Door Kickers is a top down strategy game in which you command a SWAT team to complete your objectives, take out the bad guys and save the day!

You feel like the commander issuing orders from HQ as you use different weapons and tactics (which is why their SWAT) to arrest, acquire evidence, escort VIP’s etc.

The game is easy to control and can be played in a real time fashion or paused at will. There are many weapons classes and perks to unlock.

The game can get really intense when a mistake is made and your strategy falls apart. Losing a character in Iron man mode is especially distressing, as they are gone for the rest of the campaign- of which there are 6. There are hundreds of further singular missions, a random map generator and the steam workshop to ensure re-playability. The maps are also semi-randomised The soundtrack is top-notch getting you straight in the mood.

I played a round in which I assaulted a beach house containing 15+ tangos with only one SWAT member, codenamed “Ugly”, and sniper support. I approached from the entrance and the sniper covered the water side of the house (probably from a boat). I ordered the sniper to make the first kills- he took out a couple of brutes. The third guy with them disappears into the house.

Some tangos come out the front door where Ugly greets them with a few well placed shots that pacify them. The sniper tags another unfortunate victim who happened to run in his view. The terrorists seem to learn their lesson now and they don’t go outside. Equipped with heavy armour, an assault rifle, a flash grenade and a breaching charge, it’s all up to Ugly now. He enters the compound.

Immediately he sees a tango coming from the side of the beach house- and headshots him. He slowly makes his way around the northern perimeter and reaches a door to the side of the house. Intel says the door leads to a main corridor of the building and using his spy cam he places under the door he sees no one there. He continues to the garden. One tango hiding behind a rock, out of view of the sniper, shoots Ugly. He’s injured but managed to get the enemy.

Using his spy cam Ugly sees 6 terrorists all waiting for him in the largest room of the house. He’s injured but he must continue. He reloads then leans against the wall and opens the door. He steps out slowly in a wide arc, as I have instructed him to, until he sees the first enemy. Bam, down. He takes another circular step until he sees the next enemy and kills him too. He continues this until the whole room is clear. Miraculously he didn’t take any hits. He steps in to check its all clear then steps back out to garden and makes his way around the southern perimeter of the house.

A tango awaits him in the bushes but Ugly uses only one bullet to put him down. He makes his way up to the front of the mansion where he started and again reloads. Only a bedroom, a bathroom and a closet remain to be searched. He places a breaching charge on the bedroom. BOOM! The tango in front of the door is killed and the two others are stunned. Ugly deals with them before they come to their senses. He kicks down the door to the bathroom. A thug with a revolver tags Ugly. Ugly retaliates swiftly, putting him down.

Ugly is seriously injured but there is only one closet left to search. (The level complete screen has yet to pop up so I know there are objectives left to complete or enemies left to get). Ugly limps over to the closet and opens it. Inside a brute with a machine gun shoots Ugly at point blank range as opens the door. The coward instantly kills Ugly, and the operation ends in a failure. I had a great time playing that mission in particular as it was so tense, with no one covering your back. My “Die Hard”, one man run ended in a failure but the whole thing was very cinematic with Kasabian playing in the background.

Overall Rating: 8.9/10

A Review and Game-Play Diary of Door Kickers

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