Steam Autumn Sale 2015

I am aware that all the ‘deals’ are active. I’ll be discussing the highlighted deals of the day here:

DAY 6: Insurgency is a realistic, fun FPS. Prison Architect is a light hearted strategy game, but can go quite deep and complex if you allow it.

DAY 5: The Scandinavia DLC for Euro Truck Sim 2 is mine! So many people love this game, those who don’t haven’t played it. If someone could explain how Crusader Kings works I’d play it. ARMA III is a deep military simulation unlike any other shooter. Game Dev Tycoon is simple but fun for a while.

DAY 4: If you haven’t ever tried Portal 2 (or 1) definitely give them a go- they’re some of the best puzzle games of all time. Arkham City is one of the few adventure games I’ve ever completed, due to its fantastic story. To the Moon is an amazing ‘game’ (more interactive visual story).

DAY 3: A lot of AAA titles don the front page today. Broforce is a fantastic game for film buffs- specifically action films of the last 30 years. 97% positive on steam review too, so don’t just take my word for it! Is Pixel Piracy any good?

DAY 2: Just Cause 2 is one of my top 5 games of last gen, an explosive paradise and a steal on sale! I’ve completed Saints Row: The Third twice- it’s a very unserious, dumb fun game. DayZ is surprisingly expensive and Evolve surprisingly cheap.

DAY 1: TIS-100 caught my eye. Today I will purchase The Bridge and Shadowrun: Dragonfall– the former for its interesting look and the latter for a well written RPG with re-playability. Check out my Cities Skylines coverage.

Steam Autumn Sale 2015

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