Re-watching Star Wars

In anticipation for The Force Awakens, I re-watch the movies in numerical order.

Episode I

 The Darth Maul battle at the end of this is the only reason to watch this film (ideally skip straight to it). The Phantom Menace starts strong but quickly reminds us why it’s the worst Star Wars film due to little Annie, Pod racing and little Annie Pod racing. And of course Binks.

Episode II

Attack of the Clones has great world building for fans of the franchise. Otherwise, only watch this entry for the action. What else can be said about a film whose highlight is an old man fighting a CGI puppet.

Episode III

Kashyyyk is an interesting location to explore on film. The tale of Darth Plagueis was a stand out moment. The action and lightsaber duels are exciting, the pinnacle of the franchise. Overall the film is dark- I find it hard to watch as it is depressing albeit a good film.


Episode IV

A near perfect film containing world building, memorable characters, action, comedy, fantastic practical effects and an amazing soundtrack. Even the CGI scene transitions were iconic. Star Wars is a cultural phenomenon and this movie began that, almost 40 years ago.

Episode V

Yoda’s first appearance in the saga, Empire delivers an action packed sequel with great locations such as Hoth and Bespin. We also witness strong character development in the leads.

Episode VI

Jedi starts a little slow but soon we’re on the Khetanna, Jabba’s sail barge. The climax contains lightsabre duels, ground warfare and dog fights in space. There was an interesting philosophical challenge for Luke, the final Jedi, to overcome.


Re-watching Star Wars

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