A Review of The Wolf Among Us (2013-14)

“You’re not as bad as everyone says you are…”

The Wolf Among Us is one of the most beautiful games I have ever played. The 3D comic book vibe, the colours, the character designs- all amazing.

You play as a detective solving a murder mystery. The setting is New York, but with fantastical beings, hidden from human view. The story is dark with a lot of bad language, drug use, nudity and violence.

Telltale’s player choice formula is present. The majority of the game-play is choosing what to say. Bigby Wolf, the character you play as, can be represented as inconsiderate and rude or sympathising and kind depending on the actions you choose and the things you say. The murder mystery is engrossing and the characters you meet along the way are captivating.

The remainder of the game-play is dominated by QTE’s or quick time events. Push a given button to block for example. This isn’t too difficult of a task however and shouldn’t interfere with the enjoyment of a player who is simply here for the story.

The soundtrack is cool and the art is, as mentioned earlier, gorgeous. I struggle to think of  games that are such a visual feast as this is (Hotline Miami?) The abundance of soothing pink and purple are contrasted with the horrifying splatters of red blood beautifully.

You can solve the mystery in your own way. Often you’ll have multiple leads and can prioritise which you think will be of most use investigating. You could be a crooked sheriff, torturing and stealing, or you could do it by the book. The role playing is one of the most engaging part of this and other Telltale games.

TWAU’s plot is very well written with twists and conspiracies to keep you on your toes. There are a lot of choices you have to make that are morally grey. There are a lot more political deliberations in this game than The Walking Dead Season 1

The Wolf Among Us is the most artistically beautiful game I have ever played and an all time favourite for me.

Overall Rating: 9.6/10

A Review of The Wolf Among Us (2013-14)

2 thoughts on “A Review of The Wolf Among Us (2013-14)

  1. I have to agree. I enjoyed it immensely. It is high on my “enjoyed” list and would recommend it to anyone. I am even tempted to read the comic book series it is based upon to get more of the characters. But for now, I will sit here and wonder about it. Maybe they’ll do a season 2. Doubt it, but you never know!


    1. I really hope they do a season 2! A lot of people are getting agitated at their old and buggy engine.
      I reckon they should take time out to create a new engine and debut it with The Wolf Among Us Season 2. Seems like a good way to get some of those GOTY’s again like when The Walking Dead Season 1 first came out

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