Casting The Wolf Among Us Movie

Check out my review for The Wolf Among Us here!

I’d say this would have to be at least a two parter, or even a trilogy depending on how many scenes from the game get cut. Perhaps have Fincher direct? The dark tones bring his name to mind although there are plenty of other directors that would do a good job.

With a very large budget, here’s who I’d cast:

Bradley Cooper as Bigby Wolf:


Anna Kendrick as Snow White:


Liev Schreiber as The Woodsman:


Jessica Biel as Beauty:


Josh Brolin as Beast:


Nick Frost as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum:


Tom Hiddleston as Georgie: 


And Gary Oldman as Ichabad Crane:


Georgie could also be played by James McAvoy. What do you think of the casting? A lot of characters from the game remain uncast; who would you have play Gren, Holly, Faith, Nerissa, Vivian, Bluebeard, Mary and the Crooked Man?





Casting The Wolf Among Us Movie

8 thoughts on “Casting The Wolf Among Us Movie

  1. JHoff95 says:

    Like the cast. Good lineup. Loved the 80’s noir of the game, the soundtrack is badass. And if Cooper doesn’t accept the role, you could always cast me, lol.

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  2. I really see Robert Carlyle as The Crooked Man. It could work really well. Jennifer Coolidge could do well as Holly. Idris Elba could be a decent Bluebeard. Ellen Page might make a good Mary. As for the girls, I’m not totally sure 🙂 Great post! How awesome would it be if this was made into a movie?!

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  3. That’s a really good cast list actually! Nailed it with Bradley Cooper as Bigby! Anna Kendrick could pull off the sweet sass of Snow White. Overall, I might have to agree with you. I could see Gary Oldman doing more of the Crooked Man though, because that will take one heck of a performance. And he has the presence to pull that off.
    Nerissa would have to be someone super sweet that makes you feel bad for her being in that type of situation. I would have to do a lot of thinking about that one. But she also has to have that hidden ‘thing’ about her to make you question if she truly was behind everything type of feel. Not easy, but I know there are people who could do it.

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    1. Thanks 🙂
      Gary Oldman could deffo be crooked man but I wanted to see him as a really conniving sadistic Crane. A few more I thought up; Ian Mckellan as crooked man because he has the charm required for the trial scenes. Olivia Wilde as Faith? Alisson Brie for Nerissa?


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