A Review of Sicario (2015)

“Nothing will make sense to your American ears…”

Leagues better than most mindless action films, Sicario is a stand out as one of my favourite films in the last few years. A dark thought provoking thriller, Denis Villeneuve follows up Prisoners and Enemy with this excellent film.

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A Review of Sicario (2015)

Casting the Far Cry 3 Movie

My castings picks for the imaginary Far Cry 3 movie:

Dave Franco as Jason Brody:

Brody is a rich, spoilt brat type at the start of the game and transforms into the dark hunter as the story progresses. We could also have a great cameo by James Franco for the opening getaway.


Micahel Mando as Vaas Montenegro:

The character Vaas was modelled after Mando’s own likeness, due to a fantastic audition, and so there would be no better choice for the role than the original actor.

Naomie Harris as Citra Talugmai:

This was her in Pirates of the Caribbean. Rosario Dawson is an alternate choice, although preferably Citra would be played by someone younger.


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Casting the Far Cry 3 Movie

Need For Speed: Undercover – Unorthodox Race Tracks

I’ve played almost every NFS game and love the soundtracks of most of them. Need For Speed: Undercover (2008) wasn’t the best of games but it had a very unusual track list (track as in song, if you haven’t figured it out yet).

For example:


Not something you would usually race to is it? Here’s another:



Let me make clear that I don’t dislike these songs- they’re great! But in an NFS game?


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Need For Speed: Undercover – Unorthodox Race Tracks

Magic: The Gathering – Custom Card Creations

Any MTG players out there? Being a fan of Yu-Gi-Oh once upon a time, card games have always been fun for me. I was introduced to Magic: The Gathering via the game.

Here’s some of my ideas for custom cards, made using this site. Who else could we make? I’m thinking Mortal Kombat characters next!


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Magic: The Gathering – Custom Card Creations

Ultimate 80s Blogathon: War Films of the 80s

The 80’s are awesome; check out my own and all the other contributions to Kim and Drew’s 80’s Movie Blogathon!

Drew's Movie Reviews

And the Ultimate 80s blogathon is in full swing! First up is P6 from Prime Six Blogs.  P6 reviews all sorts of movies and games. Go check his site out for yourself. But before you do that, let’s look at some of his favorite war films of the 80s, shall we?

The 80’s changed the depiction of war in media and affects it’s portrayal even today. Apocalypse Now (1979) bought about this new wave of brutal and mentally disturbing war films.

In no particular order, here are some of the finest war films to be released in the 1980’s:

The Big Red One movie posterThe Big Red One (1980)
One of Mark Hamill’s lesser known roles, this movie focuses on a small squad and is set during WWII. Lee Marvin seems a little too old for the role but acts it well. The movie has many different settings from farmland to desert and beach’s…

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Ultimate 80s Blogathon: War Films of the 80s

A Review of Deadpool (2016)

“You may be wondering why the red suit. Well, that’s so bad guys don’t see me bleed.”

The whole thing is a joke and it could have been hit or miss. Thankfully Deadpool, one of my most anticipated movies of ’16, is awesome!

9 out of 10 jokes work, the characters are all humorously memorable and Deadpool’s costume looks great.

I appreciate the mature nature of this comedic superhero film- just what the genre needed in the midst (because Kick-Ass 2 was nowhere near as good as Kick-Ass one).

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A Review of Deadpool (2016)

A Review of 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi (2016)

“Welcome to Benghazi.”

13 Hours in Benghazi (as I like to incorrectly call it) is a film directed by the divisive Michael Bay, based on the events in Libya in 2012. His directorial style is evident with the horizontal and vertical panning shots, sparks trailing off every explosive and some slanted shots. 

That doesn’t instantaneously make it a bad film; Michael Bay has demonstrated time an again he can do action very well.

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A Review of 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi (2016)