Casting the Far Cry 3 Movie

My castings picks for the imaginary Far Cry 3 movie:

Dave Franco as Jason Brody:

Brody is a rich, spoilt brat type at the start of the game and transforms into the dark hunter as the story progresses. We could also have a great cameo by James Franco for the opening getaway.


Micahel Mando as Vaas Montenegro:

The character Vaas was modelled after Mando’s own likeness, due to a fantastic audition, and so there would be no better choice for the role than the original actor.

Naomie Harris as Citra Talugmai:

This was her in Pirates of the Caribbean. Rosario Dawson is an alternate choice, although preferably Citra would be played by someone younger.


George Clooney as Willis Huntley:


Don Cheadle as Dennis Rogers:

He’s shown countless times he can do drama and Dennis is the most sane person on Rook Island. Also because Idris Elba was too easy.


William Fichtner as Dr. Alec Earnhardt:


Hugh Jackman as Buck:

Let him go crazy and use his natural Australian voice.


I haven’t got far enough in the story to accurately cast Hoyt Volker and Sam Becker, who do you think they should be played by? What do you think of the current line up?

As always, thanks for stopping by!

Casting the Far Cry 3 Movie

5 thoughts on “Casting the Far Cry 3 Movie

    1. Honestly I’d go as far as to say this is genre defining. The world, sandbox, outposts, etc. influenced many shooters, some open world games and all of Ubisofts following stuff!
      Definitely one to check out 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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