Far Cry: Syria – An Interesting Idea

Here’s my pitch for the next instalment of the Far Cry franchise:

Far Cry: Syria. The game takes place in modern times in the war torn country. Without making this post too political, the “good” forces are joined by a western soldier- the player character- who is ex special forces of some kind or other (SAS or Seals depending on nationality)

They fight the opposing forces, conquering outposts and following an engaging story to try and bring stability to the local region.

The themes of Far Cry are all present;

  • an outsider teaming with the natives of the land
  • an exotic location, in this case desert areas
  • a crazed antagonist leader, most likely a fictional general

The game would be current and topical. The controversy would turn heads providing extra publicity to the game and the quality helping elevate the franchise to new heights.

The horrors of war could be a theme bringing emotions into the spotlight in a way Far Cry games usually don’t do in their story mode. Other reasons why this may not work is the loss of the goofiness of the Far Cry games, the over-the-top characters and drug induced shenanigans.

The big question is, is it too soon? Another point to debate is, could the setting be better utilised in another franchise, say Call of Duty for example? Or Telltale?

Far Cry: Syria – An Interesting Idea

Agree? Yes, no, maybe? Tell me!

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