A Review of DeadCore (2014)

You like Portal? Unreal Tournament? Anything in between? Then you may enjoy this hybrid-genre video game known as DeadCore.

To be clear; fans of twitch shooters, first person puzzlers, platformser’s and anything in between read on!

A common scenario would be hopping across a few platforms and dying due to lack of awareness. Instantly re-spawn and try again. This time you get further, allured by the sci-fi beauty of the world- you shoot a few android enemies and jump, firing on a target that liberates a platform you can use to hop on some stairs that take you to the next save point.

Controls are simply WASD and R to manually re-spawn. You unlock abilities periodontally such as the double jump, dash and weapon. The weapon works as a HUD showing your overall time, dash meter and bullets remaining.

Very Tron

The world is pretty and intriguing, describable as Portal X Anime sci-fi. You can look above you and see the remainder of the current level and beginnings of the next, as you ascend the mysterious tower. The lore is non existent unless you like to read short titbits from the pause menu. The writing is uninspired and unimportant.

An abstract sci-fi art style

The environment coaxes you to be as fast as possible but DeadCore can be played at a slow leisurely pace. There are paths to choose from when playing the levels. If one path is too difficult try another that tests a different ability and you may be more successful. There are hidden routes to collectibles that are just as fun to obtain as the playing of the level itself.

You can see way further ahead into the level

DeadCore is a well made platformer that can appeal to a lot of gamers but could also put a lot of others off. The combination of geometric guesstimation with precision aim from moment to moment in the game is something not everyone will be able to get on board with- but, those that do, will love it. There is also a challenge mode consisting of levels much more difficult than the main story to keep you playing.

If DeadCore sounds interesting to you then you’ll probably enjoy it, at least for a few hours until you reach the natural skill cap it gives you.


Overall Rating: 7.6/10

A Review of DeadCore (2014)

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