A Review of Man of Steel (2013)

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“I will find him!”

Man of Steel is a visual feast- Zack Snyder’s speciality- and Superman himself is played superbly by Henry Cavill.

Michael Shannon’s, Zod is menacing but also has motive. The huge supporting cast are all decent, getting enough screen time to flesh out their respective characters.

Lens flares are slightly overused in some shots that didn’t require it. Costume design is grand, the Kryptonians looked fascinating in their armour and suits whilst Kal-El’s cape was majestic.

I love the Dragon Ball style of fighting that the characters use and the creative team translated it well from the comics. Most people will agree there was plenty of destruction (some will say there was too much).

The opening on Krypton felt very Avatar. The demise of the planet was stunningly catastrophic.

There are indeed plot holes and a humdrum origin section that occurs after the events on Krypton and before Zod’s return but, these aside, this is a very good interpretation of the over-powered, colourful and generally ridiculous character that is Superman.

The music is some of Hans Zimmer’s most inspiring pieces of work and the best element of this movie.

Overall Rating: 7.9/10

A Review of Man of Steel (2013)

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