Rogue One Teaser Trailer: Thoughts and Addressing Criticisms

I don’t watch movie trailers. Here’s why. But this trailer I had to see.

What are your thoughts on the trailer?

Read on for my thoughts and add your own in the comments!

Addressing the general criticisms:

Many people are saying this is yet another story of a death star’s destruction, claiming it will be too similar to previous stories, as The Force Awakens arguably was. I believed that the film was being pitched as more of a heist movie, the plot revolving around obtaining the plans of the original death star.

Another criticism was the lack of white men and that Disney are forcing two female leads in a row in their Star Wars films, for some social agenda reasons. The story in The Force Awakens is just as much Finn’s as it is Rey’s.

Besides, Felicity Jones and all the cast members (Forest Whitaker, Mads Mikkelsen, Donnie Yen, etc.) are fantastic actors! So long as the script gives them well written characters and they proceed to act to a standard as par their track record, why is there a problem? One of the writers for this also wrote Telltales’s The Walking Dead Seasons 1 and 2.

Moving on – the cinematography and environments seem promising. The soundtrack is beautiful. This is the first Star Wars film to not feature an original score by John Williams. Instead, Alexandre Desplat steps in and I am loving what I am hearing so far.

I only watched the original teaser trailer for The Force Awakens (below) and managed to avoid all other media from it (except at the premiere) till I saw it on opening day. I intend to do the same thing for Rouge One.

By the way: I have it on somewhat decent authority that Hayden Christensen, Anakin Skywalker himself, will be returning to reprise his role as Darth Vader, who we briefly see in the trailer. What do you think of this?

I can’t imagine it being more than a cameo but, if true, remember you heard it here first folks!


Rogue One Teaser Trailer: Thoughts and Addressing Criticisms

Agree? Yes, no, maybe? Tell me!

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