The Eternal September, The Abundance of Civil War Reviews and Hipsterism

The Eternal September sounds like a romantic novel.

In September of 1993, AOL made the internet a more publicly available service instead of just for college students. As a result, popular forum sites’ user levels increased – and have continued to do so ever since, hence The Eternal September.

Sound familiar?

Let’s briefly look at Snapchat (hey-oo). My friends and I put a lot of thought and effort into making genuinely hilarious pictures that would last for only a moment.

Now however, all you’ll see is some guy doing smoke trick videos and some girl snapping her latest purchase at her restaurant of specific intentional cuisine.


Basically, the guys vape and the girls eat colourful stuff.

Why is this? NO, not why do they vape and eat, I mean:

What happened to Snapchat that caused the quality to decrease so drastically over a few years? Features have only increased allowing for more creativity so it must be the Eternal September effect; the increase of users correlating to a decrease in interesting snaps.

The same can be argued to have occurred in many social and communication networks, like Facebook, YouTube and even WordPress.

They’re filled with links and titles that are controversial and or click-baity, to apprehend your interest and pillage your time.

And now, I digress: (Gosh, the pacing of this post is all over the place; there’s probably enough kinetic energy to cook an egg – and put it on Snapchat)

Did you hear about that new film, I think it’s called Civil War or Captain America something?

Everyone –


is doing a review for it! Which is totally cool, I enjoy seeing other peoples opinions and criticisms.

But the film is universally praised, unlike the controversial Dawn of Justice, I know before I read the review of Civil War that it’s going to be absolutely glowing.

I defend my own review by stating it was one of the earliest reviews. I knew there’d be loads of reviews for it and most people had already made up their minds to see it so I kept it “short and sweet”, check it out!

My advice is this: try new things entirely with your content, be creative, change up the format, make your audience expect the unexpected.

I’m doing it with this very post!

Let me stress, I’m no hipster: “Definition of ‘Hipster’ – Active avoider of mainstream media.” ~ Hipster, Urban Dictionary


Like I said, I’m no hipster, I don’t oppose the arrival of the masses. I do oppose a aggregate reduction in quality.

So what do we get from being more creative?

1) You’ll succeed! Your content will get more attention if it’s unique, academically proven by supply and demand.

2) We’re entertained!

If this post entertained or aided you in any way, feel free to share it. Also, I tweet.

Stay awesome, thanks for reading and I’ll see you in the comments!

*Léon: The Professional (1994)

** Disclaimer: I was paid a googol dollars to embed that photo for advertising purposes.

The Eternal September, The Abundance of Civil War Reviews and Hipsterism

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