SJMF: My Picks – Where Does Civil War Rank in the MCU?

My picks for the battles fought in this episode of Screen Junkies’ Movie Fights!

ROUND 1 – Aside from the airport sequence – Favourite Moment from Captain America: Civil War? 

Final fight – emotional and viscous.

ROUND 2 – Least favourite part or character of Captain America: Civil War? 

Pepper Potts absence and explanation thereof.

ROUND 3 – Where does Captain America: Civil War rank among all the MCU films to date? 

Ranking the MCU.

ROUND 4 – Pick a Character from Civil War, and pitch us the next ultimate solo film. 

Spider-Man of course. I don’t have a pitch for the film unfortunately, but it should show the transcendence of his super hero half being more professional and better with the help of Tony. In parallel his normal life should be shown, his school antics and perhaps the mental effects of it. We should commonly see influences from one half of his life to the other.

ROUND 5 – Pitch us your own ultimate team of movie characters, that could take out an Avengers team. 

The team of Keanu’s was fantastic!

My team that would take down the Avengers:

Batman (Ben Affleck’s) to take on Iron Man

Riddick to take on Captain America

Mace Windu to take on the Vision

T-1000 to take on Hawkeye

Jason Bourne to take on Black Widow

Sirius Black to take on Scarlet Witch

Wolverine to take on Black Panther

Optimus Prime to take on the Hulk

Goku to take on Thor

Machete to take on Spider Man

Wreck it Ralph to take on Ant-Man

What a crazy list!

Add your answers below!

SJMF: My Picks – Where Does Civil War Rank in the MCU?

3 thoughts on “SJMF: My Picks – Where Does Civil War Rank in the MCU?

  1. Agreeing with a lot of these choices and might even steal the match-up idea for a post of it’s own. For me Civil War is the best Marvel film so far, everything feels like it’s led to this movie.

    Liked by 1 person

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