Skyrim Reloaded or Replaying The Elder Scrolls V, 5 Years Later

I have over 80 hours in Skyrim, mostly in one character – a generic Thor looking Nord.

And I never even got to the Battle of Whiterun. Seriously.

So I decided I wanted to play Skyrim again, but this time for the story.

So, house rules:

  • No Save Scumming – no reloading of the save to get a different outcome to a situation. Only the saving and loading on exit and launch are allowed. This allows for a more ‘real’ world with mistakes and consequences.
  • Easiest Difficulty – allows the more mundane cave dwelling to be at minimal (mundane in that it is generally story-less).
  • Minimal Fast Travel – walking everywhere allows more interactions with random wanderers, wildlife and the discovery of new places. I need a horse.

  • Actual role-playing – My Nord became especially stealthy and a bit of a sniper. Hence this time I’m playing as a female Khajiit who are naturally sneaky.
    She was a poor migrant to Skyrim. Unfortunately she was in the wrong place at the wrong time – caught stealing, her sentence was death. There she found herself in a cart with Ulfric Stormcloak and at the beginning of her new life as Dovahkiin.
    Therefore I shall role-play in a manner that I am OK with theft and such, but will not murder or attack unless provoked.
  • Mods – Two types I’ll be using; graphics based and game play based mods.
    The graphics mods include blood, snow and water textures, ragdoll physics, sounds of skyrim, kill moves and more wildlife.
    Game play mods aid the storytelling process by marking unread books, reducing dragon scales weights and increasing merchants currency levels.
    The total number of mods in use is 39.

So that’s how I’ll be playing Skyrim, 5 years after its release. Any tips are welcome:

Do you have any suggestions of where to go or what to do? Spoiler-free hints would be exceptionally helpful!

Also, is a pacifist run possible? (only killing when forced/spiders/Draugr/etc.)


Skyrim Reloaded or Replaying The Elder Scrolls V, 5 Years Later

11 thoughts on “Skyrim Reloaded or Replaying The Elder Scrolls V, 5 Years Later

  1. What a coincidence, I’m playing Skyrim myself (I only just got to Whiterun though, I kept getting lost believe it or not). Maybe you’ll know the answer to this, I want to start skinning animals for their pelts, do I need a special tool to do that or should I be able to just loot the dead animal for it?


    1. Pelts can be looted once an animal is killed- to make stuff with the pelt you need a station, I forget what it’s called. I was never a crafter or alchemist
      Is it your first time playing? My new playthrough is only a few hours ahead of yours! 🙂

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      1. I just realised… I find Skyrim so immersive that I’ve never considered going on a rampage, which is strange. I know I have done in other games like Assassins Creed, but never Skyrim. Really says something about the game I think, the way I interact with it and its impact on me. Or maybe I just don’t want to deal with a bounty haha

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