SJMF: My Picks – Who Should Play Female Wolverine (X-23)?

My picks for the battles fought in this episode of Screen Junkies’ Movie Fights!

ROUND 1 – Who should play X-23?

Mary Elizabeth Winstead is a good shout.

ROUND 2 – What director should take over the “Godzilla” franchise? 

Roland Emmerich! Oh wait…

How about Mad Max creator George Miller?

ROUND 3 – What Disney movie should get a darker reboot? 

Robin Hood with politics and fantasy, akin to Game of Thrones.

Popeye, something along the lines of Bronson.

Monsters Inc., think Cabin in the Woods. Almost a spoof film, but with heart (literally and metaphorically)

But my real answer is Pirates of the Caribbean. All the goofy fun and adventure but pushing the boat out in ways the PG-13’s only bordered on. Johnny Depp returns, but does not lead, as an older Captain Jack Sparrow.

Honey, I shrunk the Kids was a fun pitch.

ROUND 4 – Pitch the Tetris movie, including at least 2 stars and a director.

For the record, I don’t think this movie is necessary. The only way it would be good is if it had the roots of a different film entirely:

A cyber thriller – an Indiana Jones adventure film crossed with a heist movie. Hackers try to gain the 6 Tetris pieces from the illuminati.

ROUND 5 – What movie’s existence makes you the most angry?

The Terminator films after 2.

The M. Night Avatar.

Hitman: Agent 47 and most of Skip Woods’ other work.

The Expendables 3.

And Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (so that it could be done right).

Add your answers below!

SJMF: My Picks – Who Should Play Female Wolverine (X-23)?

Agree? Yes, no, maybe? Tell me!

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