SJMF: My Picks – Pitch Austin Powers 4

My picks for the battles fought in this episode of Screen Junkies’ Movie Fights!

ROUND 1 – Who is the best character in the new “Star Trek” franchise? 

I like Spock.

ROUND 2 – What Tim Burton movie most deserves a sequel directed by Tim Burton?

I don’t think he should return to anything, he’s at his best when he’s making original works.

If I had to choose, Beetlejuice.

ROUND 3 – Pitch a 4th Austin Powers.

Sorry! I haven’t seen any Austin Powers films. Recommend one?

ROUND 4 – What director should return to save a franchise?

Cameron should save the Terminator franchise. And Alien.

David Ayer to Fast and the Furious with a new set of characters. (Not that FF needs saving)

Guillermo Del Toro for The Silmarillion (He was on The Hobbit).

ROUND 5 – Pick two characters from any movies you want to see team up in a buddy movie?

Bronson and The Narrator (Fight Club)

Jack Sparrow and Dr. Manhattan

Add your answers below!

SJMF: My Picks – Pitch Austin Powers 4

6 thoughts on “SJMF: My Picks – Pitch Austin Powers 4

  1. I like most of these choices,

    the one i disagree on it David Ayer on Fast and Furious because i don’t think he can handle what FF is really about he is way to serious and dark in the films i have seen.

    Austin Powers were good for the time but i don’t know if they still stand the test of time with the Spy genre being very good right now.

    a pair i would love to see is Evan Peters Quick Silver and Deadpool.

    For Star Trek i do like Spook, Kirk, Doc and i did like the Cumberbatch character until they turned it into Khan because i do think he was a good villain and should have been fresh.

    Tim Burton wise i might go with a twist following another cult director after Ed Wood

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    1. Your choices are better than mine 😀
      What I want from David Ayer is for him to go back to his gangster film roots but with a racing twist, I think that would be awesome
      Quick silver and deadpool would be hilarious
      Cumberbatch was intimidating, decent villain

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      1. Im cooking up a new series inspired by your own opinion battles, SJMF, choose your own adventures and the superfight card game. Can’t wait to debut it! Just working out the kinks 🙂

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