Blogiversary Uno – Thank you

Once upon a time I watched John Wick. Nobody else had seen it so I couldn’t talk about it. Months later I re-watched it. But still, nobody had seen it.

Now thankfully it gets recognition- and that is the partial aim of this site: to recommend media otherwise unknown to the general audience.

In a year, I have done this with Films, Games, Art, Music, Advertisements and even my own work.

Another aspiration was to create a community within which we can have fun talking about these topics; I have met many other writers and podcasters who are all awesome!

I always relish feedback. Twitter: @prime_six

Coming soon:

  •  A new debating series; I’ll be providing a scenario and characters and you’ll have to convince me why you’ll be the best in the situation!
  • Blogathon hosting – more community growth through networking. Most likely a games based blogathon first, followed by plenty more (best soundtrack anyone?)
  • More Game Reviews (Metal Gear Solid V, Octodad, Rocket Laegue) and Film Reviews (IMDb Top 250, Oscar nominees, classics I missed)
  • More Casting the MovieOriginal Fiction, Interesting Ideas, and occasional haphazard, funny / educational stuff like this
  • More Showcases, such as Box Art and Posters

Year One Stats:

Finally, I thank you, and leave you with one of my favourite quotes:

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”


Blogiversary Uno – Thank you

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