E3 2016: Electronic Arts

The dual location surprisingly worked well. The floor being a massive screen was great.

Titanfall 2 looks like more Titanfall, which is great. A fuller, more complete game, I’ll definitely pick this up, being a sci-fi nut. Single player looks interesting, more so than Call of Duty currently does anyway. The robot sounds like Optimus!

Mass Effect Andromeda has potential to be a game of the generation contender, but I’ll believe it when I play it.

Charity stuff. Can’t fault. Kudos, EA.

Fifa 17 has a story mode. This could be a flop if people choose to ignore it or it isn’t implemented well. If so It’ll be embarrassing to leave it out the following year and a waste of resources to include it. Either way I applaud them for trying something new and, coupled with the Frostbite engine, I’ll let them off this year for saying “Fifa has changed”

EA Originals is a good way to promote innovative gameplay from small budget productions, as indies often do.

Fe seems like it’s for a very specific type of gamer, a type that I am not.

Hoped for something more concrete from Star Wars.

Battlefield 1‘s trailer 2 was just as good as trailer 1- whilst no indication of fun. I’ll be checking out the gameplay shown hereafter. I’m a huge fan of the franchise and highly likely to purchase this iteration.

A fair show by EA this year but with one too many dev diaries that I don’t enjoy. I also expected more of Andromeda and Star Wars.

E3 2016: Electronic Arts

3 thoughts on “E3 2016: Electronic Arts

  1. I felt like it was a really disappointing showing. Nothing new except for Fe, and a lot of the things shown doesn’t even have gameplay footage or release dates. Though that may have something to do with the fact that I stayed up late to watch it.

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    1. battlefield 1 was fun. EA said they wanted to tap into the open world market, something like gta or assassins creed. was hoping for them to announce something in that vein. The presenters, production and stages where all very nice. There were too many dev diaries and, agreed, not enough gameplay/ release dates etc.
      Thanks for reading 🙂

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