E3 2016: Microsoft

Their stage is the same as last year, it’s very sleek.

The music reminds me of the Dredd soundtrack. Anyway, Xbox One S, significantly smaller and an integrated power supply. Both are major improvements to the console as a whole, however the new controller features seem unimportant. Cross purchasing is awesome.

Gears of War 4 looks as cinematic as ever. 

General Raam for Killer Instinct is perfect!

Forza Horizon 3 is genuinely my most anticipated game. Australia looks beautiful. Dubai next time perhaps? This seems the most ‘Motorstorm’ of the Horizon games thus far. Rest in peace, The Crew.

Recore looks OK but Horizon Zero Dawn looks better (granted they’re going for quite different tones).

Final Fantasy XV. I’ve never played a FF but I’m surprised they’re ob the MS stage. They are definitely trying to attract new players and I am intrigued. The demo looked like God of War but less exciting.

Xbox Live‘s Clubs, Looking for Group and Arena are all features that are very social focused and innovations for those that mainly game socially.

From Xbox Design Labs bright funky colours to ‘From the Creators of Limbo’ Inside – that was a hell of a transition. Wanted more from Inside.

We Happy Few had a fantastic alpha on PC that was atmospheric, creative and unique. I can’t wait till I can be ‘snug as a mug on a drug’

Tekken 7 has Akuma! The transitional cut scenes are immersive. Also Tag Tournament 2 is free?! *Flees off to download it*

Deadrising 4, I missed the first one all those years ago and this franchise seems so much fun.

Sea of Thieves moves up to a high position on my anticipated games list, the highest any MMO has ever been.

Halo Wars 2 CG trailer was great, I haven’t played an RTS in a while.

Project Scorpio. This is the turning point of the generation, the first 4K console announcement. “No One Gets Left Behind” They nailed the messaging, which is what most were afraid of.

The presentation was strong, I enjoyed it a lot. There was a great mix of game genres and tones. The lower screen banners and “Exclusive to Xbox One and Windows 10” are still annoying.

Phil Spencer is the saviour of Xbox. Your move, Sony.

E3 2016: Microsoft

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