E3 2016: PC Gaming Show

Powered by PC Gamer, I appreciate a conference at E3 dedicated to PC Gaming amongst all the console announcements.

Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord is a huge game for me. Warband is one of my all time most played games- if I could have any game from E3 release today, it’d be this. It looks graphically beautiful, after playing the old game so much.

Lawbreakers is made interesting to me with the movement and zero gravity stuff. This generations Brink, for better or worse.

Tyranny Obsidian and Paradox? Fantastic!

I still dislike the show host. Tom Marks would be better for hosting the whole show. The show is overly long, contains too many interviews, and is poorly edited. This year in particular was full of VR understandably but was not interesting to me.

E3 2016: PC Gaming Show

7 thoughts on “E3 2016: PC Gaming Show

      1. :O that is genuinely the coolest answer i’ve ever had to that question. Seriously. WOW
        I watched blade runner recently, im sure ure very familiar with that soundtrack
        Daft Punks Tron Legacy stuff is also great

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