E3 2016: Ubisoft

That opening. Ew.

Also we bear in mind the Ubi downgrades of E3’s past as we analyse this years conference:

Ghost Recon: Wildlands is a game I’m very hopeful for. I wish it to be a cross between MGSV and Far Cry. The villains tattoos are crazy! The demo looked hugely fun but don’t ever put your perp next to the pilot…

Grow Up: Grow home was recommended by 100% of my reputable sources. So that’s good.

Trials of the Blood Dragon: Games that release instantly are awesome, it means zero hype and I’m hugely anti-hype. However this game is being received poorly…

Watch Dogs 2 looks annoyingly hipster. Taking out all the depth of the Anonymous cult and Snowden controversy and inputting colour and shapes, making it look like a retail fashion store advertisement. Also Ray-Bans. The game play itself looks better than the first. The car controlling hearkens back to Driver: San Francisco.

The surprise game of the year is Steep: it’s a cool looking game. Sorry… I’ll go ahead and delete my site now.

Aisha Taylor is a fun host, keeps it relaxed. The end game dev unision was neat, kind of they’re equivalent of that long Avengers scene where they unite to kick alien ass in NY.

Good show chaps.

E3 2016: Ubisoft

3 thoughts on “E3 2016: Ubisoft

  1. What were your thoughts on South Park? I really liked the presentation. Very informal (and crude), chilled tone that Aisha Taylor really kicked off at the start. Really looking forward to it.


    1. I haven’t played stick of truth yet so I decided to skip it. Not to say that it was a bad presentation or stick of truth is bad, I just havnt got round to it yet. Definitely in this steam summer sale!

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      1. I see. It’s a short but great game. Slightly lacking in depth but the experience was worth it. I think preordering Fractured but Whole will give you the Stick of Truth for free immediately. (I think only on the ubistore or something). So that’s an option to consider.


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