E3 2016: Sony

Now that is an epic opening, to match their epic stage.

God of War 4 has a Skyrim feel to it. The applause on Kratos’s reveal was the loudest I’ve heard yet at E3 2016. The Norse re-imagining is fresh and it’s the most beautiful game I’ve seen this generation. The emotion was well written meaning overall we could be looking at a GOTY.

Daysgone had a neat enough CG trailer. So is it a open world RPG or a linear TPS? From the demo we see a good action horror hybrid. The zombie count was impressively high.

The Last Guardian is a myth come true. I’m happy to play anything tied to the amazing Shadow of the Colossus.

Horizon: Zero Dawn has a ME style speech wheel. The world is greatly interesting, cavemen meet tech dinosaurs. I’m very excited for it but the more RPG it is, the more likely I’ll play it. Personal preference.

Detroit: Become Human is a game made for me! That trailer got me excited enough to media blackout on the title until release. Does the main character look like Tobey Maguire?

Resident Evil VII is back to pure horror then. The trailer was a little disordered; if you got a death threat over the phone would you go into the kitchen for some grub then watch a video cassette?

VR stuff is fair – new hardware will only sell if there’s new software to go with it. Such is the legacy of the Vita, may they rest in peace.

Infinite Warfare has Bulletstorms grapple. The game looks different enough to the last five iterations so maybe I’ll buy it.

Also, Modern Warfare nostalgia trip- that game was revolutionary, 10/10!

Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens: nothing but love, ❤

Death Stranding, not sure what it is but PT is one of the scariest media I have ever experienced and The Phantom Pain is amazing. Kojima has a big ego but he has work to back it. Norman Reedus was cool in The Boondock Saints, check that out.

Spider-man will be done right by Insomniac- finally a good spider-man game again!

Trailer after trailer with minimal talking and epic music is how to win me over at E3. I’m so excited and I don’t even have a PS4!

KO! Sony Wins.

E3 2016: Sony

2 thoughts on “E3 2016: Sony

  1. Microsoft’s conference was great, and I really thought that Sony would be hardpressed to beat it. Turns out I was wrong. Really, really excellent conference. I hope future conferences will keep this style. More trailers and less talking. God of War, Detroit, Horizon and Spiderman will probably be definite buys for me. Hopefully we’ll hear more about them in the coming months.

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