SJMF: My Picks – Who Should Join Black Panther?

My picks for the battles fought in this episode of Screen Junkies’ Movie Fights!

ROUND 1 – What is the best horror sequel ever?

The question was with respect to, and now that I’ve seen it, my answer is The Conjuring 2.

ROUND 2 – What Marvel character do you most want to show up in “Black Panther”?

Black Widow. Having her thrown around the MCU makes her like glue. She had great chemistry with Chadwick Boseman.


Also I don’t think she should have a standalone film- learning about her in other peoples tales gives the movies more depth.


ROUND 3 – Pitch another Tom Hanks movie to that would be better to be “reimagined”, and why?

I don’t have a good answer to this, would love to hear your suggestions!

Saving Private Ryan in Vietnam? Like the 80’s war films

ROUND 4 – What franchise should Daisy Ridley join?

X-23 is a good shout, Sarah Connor in Cameron’s Terminator also a possibility.

Kingsman. Give Eggsy someone to be best frenemies with, they’re always competing to be the most successful agent!

ROUND 5 – You have to plan and execute a heist. What 3 movie characters do you want in your crew?

Depends on what kind of heist, but generally;

Dominc Toretto as the wheelman and tough guy.

Danny Ocean as the mastermind and leader.

Tank from The Matrix as the voice in your ear.

Add your answers below!

SJMF: My Picks – Who Should Join Black Panther?

Agree? Yes, no, maybe? Tell me!

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