Steam Summer Sale 2016

No flash or daily’s, so the impulse purchases are as follows and I shall muse over other games and update this post – recommendations welcome!

Hotline Miami 2 – Hyper fast, ultra stylised, violent, top down action game with great music!


A short video, featuring Hotline Miami 2, called Futureman’s Bright Idea:

Broforce – A 2D platformer featuring every action hero of Hollywood! Destructible environments and loads of characters with unique abilities make the game highly replayable, multiplayer is also fantastic fun. Overwhelmingly positive reviews here!


Pony Island – This game is extremely deceptive and has overwhelmingly positive reviews. It seems to be such that the less you know of it the more you’ll get from the game.  Overwhelmingly positive reviews here!

Party Hard – A hotline style game. Kill everyone at the party so you can get a good night’s rest. Relatable.


Golf With Your Friends – A minigolf game. Yes, that is water.


Learn Japanese To Survive! Hiragana Battle – Purchased on a whim due to good reviews. It’s cheap and so if it teaches me anything it’ll be totally worth it!


I further purchased Uncanny Valley as recommended to me by geelw at DESTROY ALL FANBOYS!


Absolute Drift – A beautiful game, that is ‘simple to learn hard to master’, Tokyo Drift edition.


I also purchased Chivalry: Medieval Warfare – purely to play with friends.

Finally, a huge shout out to- not a game but- an app; Controller Companion which is a must have for anyone that enjoys using their controller with their PC or Big Picture Mode.

Add me on Steam, Myzolon and let’s play some video games!

Steam Summer Sale 2016

5 thoughts on “Steam Summer Sale 2016

  1. Oh I agree on KS with the sole exception of games that have solid playable demos that you can try out before you drop a dime. I think that should be a funding mandate, as it’s a shame to pay good money and get an inferior product or something under-cooked and oversold. GG worked for me because I love this type of game and the demo surprised me with how much fun it was. If anything, try it out and when the final the game is out, pick it up (via a Steam sale, of course!)

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  2. Nice list! I’m “avoiding” the salse this year thanks to some publishers hitting me with codes that have my backlog bursting at the seams, but I’ll cave for the Hiragana game (it’s on my wishlist) and Pony Island because it looks nuts. As for a recommendation, my list is TOO long, but this is on Greenlight and needs a few more bucks to get funded. Definitely try the awesome demo out and drop them some coins if you like it:

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    1. Gosh don’t get me wrong, I totally trust your judgement but I’ve never felt the need to support kickstarted projects and the ilk. I do go for early access stuff of devs I want to support and games I enjoy playing in their current state. What with mighty no 9 fresh on the mind aswell…
      Ill give the demo a whirl though, no harm there!


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