Your Fight – The Getaway

Welcome to the first in a new series titled Your Fight in which you debate and role play how your character would achieve the given objective in the comments below!

To play, just read the scenario and comment below!

The Scenario:

Inspired by Triple 9.

A bank heist, almost successful. In the process of getting away, you hit another car, totalling your own. You and your crew get out of the vehicle, with the dufflebag of money still in the back.

It’s midday, hot and busy. You’re on a highway exit. Sirens can already be heard a few blocks away.

The Objective: Get away from the cops with as much money as possible.

The Characters:

Choose 1 skill from;

  • Driver – expert vehicle skills
  • Muscle man – physically intimidating, can take and throw a good punch
  • Free runner – agile and fast, parkour master
  • Fire arms expert – unlikely to miss and reload quick
  • Others may be accepted

Choose 1 item;

  • Assault rifle or pistol – comes with a few reloads worth of rounds
  • Know the location of a personal back up vehicle nearby
  • Melee weapon
  • Communications jammer – one time use, lasts between 5 and 10 minutes
  • Spikestrip
  • Others may be accepted

Name your character and, optionally, give them a brief description.

I am the judge. Good luck!


Your Fight – The Getaway

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