A Review of Beasts of No Nation (2015) and The Persistence of Cinema

“Bullet is just eating everything, leaves, trees, ground, person. Eating them. Just making person to bleed everywhere.”

A phenomenal film, Beasts of No Nation stays with you for a long time.

This should have been up for best picture, best actor, best supporting actor, best director and best cinematography Oscars. I would think the distribution method made them ineligible for the awards.

Beasts of No Nation was simultaneously released on Netflix VOD and in cinemas. This meant cinema chains lost their exclusive premiering window (like normally how one would watch a film in cinema because it is released there first and comes to the home later.)

For this reason the main and biggest cinema chains decided to boycott the film. It received huge praise but a tiny profit and was only shown in independent theatres. Netflix’s first feature film that they financed, Beasts of No Nation was ineligible for the awards as experts believed it to be detrimental to the industry, having a simultaneous home and theatre release.

Idris Elba is a charismatic leader and a merciless warlord, his performance is amazing.

The supporting cast too are very good; Abraham Attah (who is in the upcoming Spider-man: Homecoming) plays the main character, child soldier Agu. Watching him transform is what makes this film so powerful.

There is plenty of action in this film but it is primarily a drama. Beasts of No Nation is a different kind of war film for fans of the genre but a must watch.

The direction, script and photography were all handled by Cary Joji Fukunaga (True Detective Season 1).

Overall Rating: 8.7/10 

A Review of Beasts of No Nation (2015) and The Persistence of Cinema

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