A Review of Star Trek Beyond (2016) – Calming Qualms on Bikes and Scripts

“It isn’t uncommon, you know? It’s easy to get lost. In the vastness of space, there’s only yourself, your ship, your crew.”

I had many concerns for Beyond but was very entertained by the end!

This Star Trek has a unique grounded feel, giving it its own identity. The ensemble cast are relateable and feel like a great team, as they have both times previously.


My concerns were namely the director, the rewritten script and the bike:

The director Justin Lin of solely Fast and Furious fame (half the franchise was directed by him) did a much better job than I thought he would. Abrams is better, but Lin fared well.


The script went through many reworks and, for this reason, I was further worried. Thankfully Simon Pegg did a great job with the rewrite. There is heart, comedy and action in appropriate levels for a summer blockbuster.

The bike that featured in the poster (and the general marketing of the film) was odd. Whilst the posters were cool, the presence of a bike chase made no sense in a space ship film. It does however fit in the movie.

The trailer seemed like one big explosion; this is just bad editing for the trailer as the film is not a Michael Bay flick. Alibaba Pictures pandering to their large Chinese audience?

The colours in the film pop and the CGI is some of the most impressive in recent memory. Star Trek Beyond is another action packed entry for fans of the previous two. I’d say it’s better than Into Darkness! If you didn’t like the reboot films do not watch this.

Overall Rating: 7.6/10 

The gay controversy is silly. It should have been clarified with George Takei beforehand as it was a tribute to him – if he dislikes it then what is the purpose? The offer would have been tribute enough. In the film it is not a ‘big deal’.

A Review of Star Trek Beyond (2016) – Calming Qualms on Bikes and Scripts

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