A Review of Suicide Squad (2016)

“I want to assemble a task force of the most dangerous people on the planet, who I think can do some good.”

What Suicide Squad gets right, it gets really right. But it gets plenty wrong too.


The characters are spot on! Specifically Harley and Deadshot.

Robbie gets Harley’s voice and mannerisms perfect.

There is a weak plot; I couldn’t tell you the villains’ plan or motives.

Batman cameos, but lacks intimidation in his presence due to bad editing.

I’m undecided on Leto’s Joker. He needs more screen time to sell it to me. At times he seems crazy and other times he seems like he’s trying too hard.

Captain Boomerang was underused. Viola Davis’s Amanda Waller was a true to comics adaptation of the most manipulative woman in the military.



The film had a much funnier tone than BvS, but managed to remain dark. Ayer’s signature style is lacking. Editing feels off in Suicide Squad as the tone can fluctuate rapidly. I’m sure a reedited version will come to home screens.

Overall Rating: 7.0/10 

The promotional artwork for the film was so good! Memorable and colourful, you’d know it instantly even without any text.




A Review of Suicide Squad (2016)

4 thoughts on “A Review of Suicide Squad (2016)

  1. Nice and short review, my friend. To me, Suicide Squad was a mixed bag. It got somethings right and wrong at the same time. Smith, Davis, and Robbie were excellent in the movie, but they underutilized some of the other team members and the plot for the film was too thin. I don’t know….I had high expectations for the movie, so it was just okay as it wasn’t a complete trainwreck as some are calling it to be. However, it wasn’t worth the hype.


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