Baghdad Open World TPS Game – An Interesting Idea

An open world third person shooter set in Baghdad.


This game is inspired by – and a hybrid – of GTA V, Ghost Recon Wildlands and Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain.


You play as a special ops soldier who must partake in missions that aid the US war efforts in Iraq.


The player meets characters on both sides of the conflict giving many reasons for and against the war. Horrors will be witnessed and emotions felt in a powerful story.


Missions would consist of a range of activities such as capturing fugitives, assassinations and talking to civilians to determine threats with a simple mass effect style branching dialogue tree.


There shall be heavy combat missions too such as defending convoys, buildings or people and attacking strongholds.


Many buildings should be enter-able. Civilians should be plentiful and reactful to your actions. The world should be immersive in the true to life culture of Iraq, complete with mosques, markets and destroyed areas.


An open world action game set in a third world country for once, and not an American city, is this games unique selling point.


Thanks for reading and let me know what you think!

Baghdad Open World TPS Game – An Interesting Idea

12 thoughts on “Baghdad Open World TPS Game – An Interesting Idea

  1. That would be a neat idea, though not sure how a soldier would go interact with the opposite side. Perhaps as a mercenary or getting captured? I’ve always wanted games that portrayed the harsh realities of war. Something like Spec Ops: the Line was great, and it would have been nice to see Six Days in Fallujah actually get made :/ Oh well. That plus the open world nature could be a better way to show how civilians lives are effected.

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    1. I was thinking in a cia operative kind of way, where you would have to interrogate some, interview others and gain information from various civilians and sources, any of whom could actually be the enemy
      Thanks so much for reading! What kind of game was 6 days in fallujah to be?

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      1. That would be a cool way to do it! I can imagine having to kidnap the targets and tail their vehicles. Six Days in Fallujah was suppose to be a third person tactical shooter set in the Second Battle of Fallujah. It was advised by the marines involved in the battle and would have been a true representation of the events, something like a documentary in video game form. However, calls from the parents of the KIA soldiers and veteran groups spooked Konami and they bailed from the project. Leaving the game publisherless.
        Extra Credits did a video on it a few years ago:

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