A Review of Unfriended (2014)

“Never Have I Ever…”

A dead friend cyber bullies a group of teens.

Unfriended is unique as it uses the desktop of a laptop to tell its story.

A Skype call go’s awry when a dead person enters the call.

The group first think it’s a hacker or troll. Technical malfunctions prevent her from being kicked from the call.

Then she begins to blackmail them, forcing them into disclosing secrets they hide from each other.

The horror is weak, I wasn’t very scared for most of the film. Some parts are entertainingly jumpy.

The film isn’t great but has the unique concept of being entirely ‘set’ on a computer screen, complete with user interface’s for Skype and Facebook.

If you don’t expect much, it’s fun. The second half really picks up in this short horror flick.

Overall Rating: 6.2/10 

A Review of Unfriended (2014)

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