A Review of REC (2007)

“We have to tape everything, Pablo.”

This Spanish horror is the best found footage film I’ve ever seen.

Rec is not disorienting or dizzying, but it does feel claustrophobic especially when the zoom function is engaged.

A small time TV presenter, cameraman, firemen and a few residents are trapped in an apartment building with a crazy woman on the loose.

The story is unfolded slowly and carefully between scares. The characters are given minimal time but we get to know them quickly and understand who they are through stereotypes, streamlining the storytelling process to focus on the horror.

Rec has very memorable, horrific moments and tension escalates drastically until the film becomes a constant nightmare. The finale is unforgettable.

It was good enough to spawn 3 sequels and an american remake which also produced a sequel – none of which I will be watching, to not taint the memory of this film.

Rec splices gory horror, tension, monster in the house and religious horror all together in a very short run time of 78 minutes, making it one of my favourite horror films of all time!

Overall Rating: 8.7/10 

A Review of REC (2007)

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