Casting the Saints Row Movie

My casting picks for the imaginary Saints Row movie, based off of The Third game and some of the second:

Will Arnett as The Protagonist:


A new actor that looks uncannily like Johnny Gat:


A younger Jamie Foxx as Pierce:

 Image result for saint row pierce

Margot Robbie as Shaundi:

(hair dyed black)


Robert Pattinson as Nyte Blade/ Josh Birk:


Jay Hernandez as Angel De La Meurete:

 File:Angel promo image.png

Stephan Lang as Cyrus Temple:


Salma Hayek as Jane Valderama:


Michael Cera as Veteran Child:


Christoph Waltz as Phillipe Loren:


And a costumed Professor Genki:

File:Professor Genki promo.jpg 

Thanks for reading and share your thoughts below!

Casting the Saints Row Movie

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