Top Weeknd Tracks

Here’s my favourite tracks by The Weeknd

He sings about very dark, unrelatable subjects but is consistent in style and quality – I’d love to see him do more collaborations.

For a similar style in music, check out dynmk.

Some Honourable Mentions:

Firstly, a new release that looks a lot like a PAYDAY vid, False Alarm (if it had been out a little longer it would crack my top 10)

A very standard style Weeknd song, Next

A slow one, Echoes of Silence

An Ed Sheeran type, Shameless

Back to standard, Coming Down

A more industry generic approach with In The Night (starts @0:52)

A collaboration with Labrinth for a positive, happier tune

A few more fantastic dark sounds found here in Thursday, Heaven or Las Vegas and Life of the Party

And now the top ten:

10) The hit from the film “Fifty Shades of Grey”, Earnt it

9) A classic dark vibe from this song, High For This

8) Featuring Drake, The Zone. The use of fader is fantastic

7) A dark trance theme in Disclosure

6) The breakout hit, the radiokiller, Can’t Feel My Face

5) Sort of a cheat because it’s two wicked songs stuck together, House Of Ballons / Glass Table Girls

4) Possibly the dirtiest Weeknd song ever, Often

3) An evil, glorioulsy mixed track, Initiation

2) I’m hooked on this. Also, goodbye pineapple hair, in Starboy

1) I’ll blast this out forever, Weeknd’s most viewed song on youtube, The Hills

And a huge shout out to Eminem’s mix

What did I miss, what’s your number 1? Tell me below!

Don’t do drugs, kids.

Top Weeknd Tracks

Agree? Yes, no, maybe? Tell me!

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