The Prime Six 2016 Awards – Games

Thank you for joining us as we contemplate and celebrate the year in gaming!


The Most Surprisingly Good Game of 2016 

The nominations are; 

Watch Dogs 2 – The first was such a letdown

Hitman – A sketchy episodic release programme instilled fear of a bad game

And the winner is:

Doom – So much better than anyone thought, especially with the review code controversy Bethesda pulled


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The Prime Six 2016 Awards – Games

Steam Autumn Sale Spoils!

First up from GOG I got my hands on The Witcher 3 GOTY and I cannot wait to lose myself in it:

Saints Row IV just got workshop support so I felt obliged to pick it up with all DLC’s (Also check out my movie casting):

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Steam Autumn Sale Spoils!

GTA V is the WORST game!

This is a parody post. Thanks for reading!

Grand Theft Auto V is the worst game in recent memory, full of abhorrent crimes against the player and the industry. Let’s see;

  • No Prone – seriously this game with a budget of $265mil / £170mil doesn’t allow you to hug the floor in the event of, say, a gunfight perhaps?

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GTA V is the WORST game!

Pokemon GO’s Success and Future, Summarised and Surmised

I’ve never played Pokemon, never owned a Nintendo system. I watched the show a bit but preferred Yu-Gi-Oh!

I do love the first Pokemon game I’ve played, Pokemon GO. It gets me exploring and active.


Niantic, the developers of the game, struck gold with this game. Their success was predominantly based off of brand recognition and nostalgia.

Proof: Niantic released something with similar location based game-play and not I, nor you, had heard of Ingress!

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Pokemon GO’s Success and Future, Summarised and Surmised