The Prime Six 2016 Awards – Music

Thank you for joining us as we contemplate and celebrate the year in music!

The Best Album of 2016 

The nominations are; 

Suicide Squad Soundtrack – A hugely diverse mix of great songs new and old

And the winner is:

Starboy – The Weeknd


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The Prime Six 2016 Awards – Music

Top Weeknd Tracks

Here’s my favourite tracks by The Weeknd

He sings about very dark, unrelatable subjects but is consistent in style and quality – I’d love to see him do more collaborations.

For a similar style in music, check out dynmk.

Some Honourable Mentions:

Firstly, a new release that looks a lot like a PAYDAY vid, False Alarm (if it had been out a little longer it would crack my top 10)

A very standard style Weeknd song, Next

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Top Weeknd Tracks

Need For Speed: Undercover – Unorthodox Race Tracks

I’ve played almost every NFS game and love the soundtracks of most of them. Need For Speed: Undercover (2008) wasn’t the best of games but it had a very unusual track list (track as in song, if you haven’t figured it out yet).

For example:


Not something you would usually race to is it? Here’s another:



Let me make clear that I don’t dislike these songs- they’re great! But in an NFS game?


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Need For Speed: Undercover – Unorthodox Race Tracks