Alien X Dredd

My Original Fiction Debut, this idea stems from a comic I read that introduced me to Judge Dredd. It was him versus an Alien. 

Feedback as ever is welcomed; would you like to see more of this kind of post? I have plenty of ideas for franchise crossovers and loads of original work too!

I hope you enjoy reading this story and I’ll see you in the comments.

Mega City One. Midday, Midsummer.

Judge Dredd and Judge Anderson were on their way to a warehouse, informed that a doctor had been dispatched their previously to treat an unknown illness. That was a week ago and neither the doctor or anyone at the warehouse had been seen or heard from since.

“What should we expect here?” Anderson asked, still learning on the job from her mentor Dredd.

“Anything. You ready?” Dredd replied briskly.

“Yes.” She replied, drawing her gun and assuming a breach position at the door. A bead of sweat ran down from her temple.

Dredd nodded, impressed by how quickly she had picked up being a Judge. The mama clan had definitely accelerated the process.

They kick down the door. The darkness took a moment to adjust to. The radiant sunlight entered with them, illuminating no threats. Just containers of cargo, as expected in a warehouse of the sort, used for transit between civilised areas of the planet.

“Can you sense anything?” Dredd asked, referring to Anderson’s psychic abilities.

“No…there is something, but I’m not sure what…” her sentence hung. They proceeded into the shadows of the warehouse.

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Alien X Dredd